Ian Maxion is a long time veteran of the beauty industry having worked on all sides of the spectrum.

From being on different sets as a Creative Director, producer, photographer to also hiring and styling talent as the hair and makeup artist, Ian is the only professional you will ever need. 

Among all the roles he has pursued, the one that fit him best was helping women feel beautiful and empowered. His girlfriends and clients call him their "One-man Glam Squad" because they wouldn’t dare step out into the world without consulting him first. 

Look at him like your Fairy GayFather or your new Gay BFF. He will be the one holding the curling iron, setting your makeup, hanging your dress, squatting for a photo-op with a million cameras, and boosting your confidence before you step out on the town, the set, the red carpet or even walk down the aisle. 

 At the risk of sounding cheesy, his end goal is to make sure all his clients feel strong, confident and beautiful by not only getting a physical makeover but an emotional one as well. So, if you're looking to get glammed up, but most importantly feel really great about yourself, drop him a line. He'll love it!


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